Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Wow am I terrible at updating my blog or what? I love to have it but I totally forget to update it on a more regular basis. So fall is here and it is my absolute FAVORITE time of the year (except for Christmas). Lots has happened this summer we have had many a fun adventures. Some camping trips, days in the canyon, I got to do some performing at county and the State fair, but the best part was getting to watch my cute baby Nixon grown and discover and get to be so big! He is giggling and smiling so much lately and he recently rolled over! Its so fun yet kind of sad that my baby is growing up. Other than that here at the hunt house we are doing good!

Just watching TV

He did not like his feet in the water, we are such mean parents we stuck his bare toes in the cold water and boy was he mad!

Just snoozing

My handsome boys all decked out in their camo

Daddys hat

First attempt at eating cereal

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  1. Your baby is to cute! It was so good to see you the other day! Glad you're doing well!