Monday, September 20, 2010

Our Wonderful Summer

I can't believe that Fall is here and Summer is gone! We had a great summer doing some really fun things! Most of it consisted of working but we got to have a little fun here and there :)! We enjoyed several fun camping trips with friends and family, we MOVED into our very own apartment YAY us!!! So excited about that! Devan did the bow hunt and killed a great buck opening day! We did some 4 wheeling which we love, I got to do some performing and a fireside... and overall just had great times!

It's been forever since I updated so here goes...
Devan is working at Master Muffler and really enjoys it there. Like I mentioned earlier we moved out into our own apartment. I still work the same two jobs but don't really like them. So if you know of anything hiring I'm looking! I started a glitter toe company called "Twinkle Toes" I'm going to start booking parties and its really cheap! Starting in September production of my album will be back underway! So excited for that! I just feel really blessed I have great friends and incredible family and most of all a wonderful husband who I love so much! It will be a year since we got married in December! Time flies when your having fun but I love being married to him I am one lucky Girl!