Friday, April 30, 2010

Our Getaway

For a little getaway, and celebrating our 1 year anniversary since we met, we decided to stay at a little bed and breakfast called Castle Creek Inn! It was so fun, it had a fun theme, nice rooms, nice staff and a fantastic breakfast! It was exactly what we needed to have some time alone!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hockey Game

The weekend that we moved back, Devan's Dad and Brother came up to help us. They came up on Wednesday and we headed down to Denver to see The Avalanche play a hockey game at the Pepsi center. It was a very long drive, but we had a good time, (especially considering the fact I very much dislike hockey!) It's always an experience to attend sporting events!

Our First Apartment

So this is the beautiful little apt. that we lived in for 3 months in the wonderful town of Laramie, WY. We enjoyed it there but it definitely had its moments. When we first pulled up to it ( I had never seen it) I just sat and stared, mortified that I actually had to stay there. As you can tell by the outside its not the most beautiful of places ha-ha. Inside was not any better. It was absolutely filthy it took a good six hours of cleaning to make it somewhat livable. The floors were caving in and there were several fist sized holes in the walls. We also had moments of drunken neighbors being arrested and hauled away!   Ah the joys of Laramie we will miss!

Joining the blogging world!

Well I have decided that it is time that we the Hunt family, join the wonderful world of blogging! Hopefully this will give us a chance to stay in touch with friends and family and keep you updated on what is going on in our lives! Me and Dev just moved back from Laramie, WY a few weeks back! That was a very dull place to live, there is not much to do there, I will post some pics of our little apt. Other than that we are happily married and happy to be living back in UT